HP has developed partnerships with solution providers to help empower virtually every aspect of government.

HP and its partners create end-to-end solutions that solve problems and introduce better ways for government IT to work. The Global Alliance Partner program combines HP's proven technologies and strong complementary service capabilities with a mutual company's recognized leadership in consulting and solution delivery.

Microsoft and HP

The HP and Microsoft global strategic alliance is one of the longest standing alliances of its kind in the industry. Our goal is helping governments around the world improve services to citizens and provide safer communities through the use of innovative technologies.

Deloitte and HP

HP and Deloitte have teamed for more than ten years to deliver repeatable and effective services and solutions to companies around the world. We combine the HP industry-leading technology portfolio with Deloitte’s time-tested and client-tested consulting services experience and identify areas where we can help our joint clients in their efforts to improve the bottom line, grow their company and stay ahead of the competition.

Oracle and HP

Doing more with less and quickly adapting to changing business demands are not just goals. They are organizational imperatives. And, this needs to be done while providing a solid return on investment and minimizing risks.

While no single provider can satisfy all these challenges, together HP and Oracle can, as we have the products, services and experience to deliver enterprise — wide IT adaptability — and the track record to prove it.

SAP and HP

Each year, more SAP customers choose HP—trusting our experienced professionals to design an effective SAP ecosystem, built on a future-focused IT infrastructure. Through a close collaborative partnership that spans more than 20 years, HP and SAP, an AllianceOne partner, have worked side-by-side to create new business capabilities for our joint customers. Together, we offer complete, innovative solutions that help customers of all sizes, in all industries, create a more competitive future.

Siebel and HP

HP is the leading platform provider for customers implementing Siebel applications. HP and Oracle understand what drives your business. With Oracle's Siebel System applications, we focus on deploying flexible CRM solutions for your environment and fine-tuning them, while providing the best performance with your infrastructure. The HP and Oracle's Siebel Applications enable you to increase the lifetime value of your customers, decrease your total cost of ownership, and leverage your existing technologies and business assets -- allowing you to quickly respond to ever changing customer needs.