About this contract

HP offers a wide variety of equipment, software and support to meet all your computing needs. HP can provide complete government-focused solutions by fusing the tremendous range of our hardware and software products with our greatest asset…the knowledge and experience of our best-in-industry solutions teams.

Call our Federal Sales desk for assistance: 800-727-5472.

Contract Summary
Contract Name: GSA Schedule 70
Contract Number: GS-35F-446AA
Contract Period: July 3, 2013 through July 2, 2023
Agency General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible agencies All U.S. Federal agencies and authorized Federal Contractors. Additionally, state, local, and tribal governments may purchase under the Cooperative Purchasing Program.
HP products and services Desktops, workstations, monitors, printing solutions, laptops, Upfront Care Pack support, and maintenance.
Configurations, quotes or ordering assistance 1-800-727-5472 Federal Sales Desk
Contractor address HPI Federal LLC
1299 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 475
Washington, DC 20004
Ordering address Use Contractor Address above.
Remit-to address HPI Federal LLC
P.O. Box 419517
Boston, MA 02241-9517
Electronic pay -- routing only, provided with agreement form
Credit card accepted Government issued credit cards are accepted
Contractor information Fed tax # 47-333-0412
DUNS # 07-987-1826
CAGE code 7ESQ7
HP is listed in the SAM registry at https//www.sam.gov
FOB point FOB Destination for domestic deliveries
Delivery terms As agreed upon between HP and the Ordering Agency. Please specify inside delivery if required.
Rapid delivery May be available. Contact the Federal Sales desk
Payment terms Net 30 days. No prompt payment discount offered.
Minimum order purchase $100 for purchase
Warranty and other Services For Service/Warranty (SIN 132-8/12/34): 1-800-633-3600
Order acceptance For products with installation, acceptance by the Government occurs upon completion of the installation by HP. For products without installation, acceptance occurs upon delivery. If the Government schedules or delays installation by more than 30 days after delivery, the acceptance will occur on the 31st day from delivery.
Partial shipment HP reserves the right to partial ship orders. Customer must specify on the purchase order if this not acceptable.
Product returns If HP is unable to repair or replace any product to a condition as warranted, the Government shall be entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon return of the product to HP. Contact your Sales representative for a Return Material Authorization.
Contract managers, sales, and service teams
Contract Name: GSA Schedule 70
GSA Contract Manager Dawn Korman: 202-831-5805
Contract Relationship Manager Ingrid Underwood: 801-216-5590

How to order

To ensure the accurate and timely processing of HP products through the Hewlett-Packard Government Program, please verify that your purchase order includes the following information:

  • Ordering Address
  • Remit to Address
  • Agency Bill-To Address, Telephone and Fax Number
  • Agency Ship-To Address, Telephone and Fax Number
  • Part Number, Description, and Pricing
  • Your commodity code or line item number (if applicable)
  • Delivery Terms: As agreed upon between HP and the Ordering Agency. Please specify inside delivery if required.
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-446AA
  • Notation whether complete shipment required or partial shipment allowed
  • An authorized signature
  • Partner ID number if working with an Authorized Hewlett-Packard Partner