Your call center representatives

As you consider making a purchase, HP wants to provide answers to all your questions. Use this directory to find the people assigned to your agency to help you with product information, configurations, pricing, and ordering.

DARPA Customer Support
Customer Support Rep 800-727-5472
Send e-mail to the HP US Air Force team
Doug Fox
Server, Storage & Networking General Manager 407-257-6916
Trellis Hester
Server, Storage & Networking Inside Sales Rep 800.277.8988, ext. 7818049
Rick McIntyre
Server, Storage & Networking Account Operations Manager 501.339.2530
Dylan Miller
Server, Storage & Networking Account Manager 571-271-Dd3181
Tim Sullivan
Server, Storage & Networking Account Operations Manager 719-573-7110

Hours of Operation

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(Mountain Time)
Monday through Friday

For order status and customer service, call 800-727-5472

For product or technical support, visit our Tech Support site.